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Thread: The Great Poll Re: Raaj

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinoy View Post
    Raaj will be here regardless. He has a passion for this stuff like the rest of us. The real question is should he have his old account and the answer should be yes. He earned the thanks and the gold title. Give the kid his account back so his dic wont hurt anymore.
    ahahahahaha. priceless.

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    I don't come on here that much but he is always helpful on twitter and has defiantly learnt his lesson and is trusted by many people why not let him back he has a lot to offer

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    what a question, sure bring him back. we are just humans, we all make mistakes but to see it objectiv he's a great modder and a *cool guy so why not.*

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    I say let him have his old account again. I didnt know Raaj during the whole "leak times" but I have come to know him better from banning his various sleeper accounts so many times
    From what I can tell he is a good guy who has definitely changed his ways. His Dichertz account has had no problems and he has even mended relationships with some of those that were greatly opposed to him having an account earlier this year.

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    I don't know him, so I can't vote but
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    Unless all those "thanks" are from his own sock puppets...

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    Quote Originally Posted by raduga View Post
    I don't know him, so I can't vote but

    Unless all those "thanks" are from his own sock puppets...
    Lmao nope. Shoulda seen the thanks on my Raaj FX account

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    I vote yes. He made more stuff as raaj anyway.

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    I vote yes bring him back! I'm not a veteran on MMI and probably don't have much say on this but I think he is a valuable member of this community and he deserves another chance(officially).

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    Yes, bring him back. Everyone deserves a second chance. I haven't been here for too long but from what i have seen, he seems to have been a padawan to the Master Theme Creators. Besides he is asset to the Community.

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    Everyone has the right to make mistakes.

    Forgiveness is the best thing

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    Bring back the Raaj account.
    I'm tired of this dic guy asking me to post mods for him cause if he cant do it as RaajFX he won't do it at all.

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    Get him back? Ha he's already here, never left and always will be, no matter what happened.
    Seriously I think He's ok guy and I have not seen Him ever been problematic. He admitted his mistake and I think He's regretted for what he did, otherwise would not constantly hanging here. It has great potential and likes theming. He has not won a gold title and had so many hit "thanks" for no reason. .
    Something is lost in translation.
    Uh so much typing on the phone .
    I'll just say.....Well....

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    just bring him back, so this will stop refreshing on my new posts

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    Raaj and I go back a ways and have not always seen eye to eye but have also had some good communication about life and so forth a while back. He is the same age as my daughter so I get "it". I was him at one point in time as well i'm sure, and he seems like he is back on the right track from what I have noticed over the past few months.......Plus like others I would really like to not see Dic Hurtz on my screen anymore

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    Bring him back...agree with others that he learned his lesson...nobody is perfect...

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    Quote Originally Posted by monchy36 View Post

    A pokemon reference? Surely that settles it.

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    He's doing well as Dizhertz (sorry if I mispelt) and everyone knows his real id. Y the need to reinstate him? Cuz of the number of 'thanks'? If the number of 'thanks' is that important then let this reset be a lesson for him to remember forever.

    And if there's a need for a poll at all then prolly the poll should only include themers whose themes have been pirated by him; a lot of peeps are new here and dun even know the real history nor hurt by him before.

    Sorry I am blunt but I think there's a need to be firm here. I only hope that if I ever rob someone in the future, I can hopefully get an internet connection in my cell and send twitters of apologies to get my sentence shortened.

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    yeah bring his old account back please. he ain't share nothing if it not from his Raaj account and seeing his old statistic, his mods must be greatly appreciated. and yeah the new name is not music to my ear either

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