Hi all,

I've found this site great for themes and very helpful so far at making my own theme. However, I can't find out much info about making themes suitable for iPhone 4. I've got bits and bobs but not much.

Anyway, I am getting very frustrated with making this theme...

I'm trying to make a Liverpool FC theme as there hard to come by. Here is what I have so far...

-img_0034.png -img_0035.png

The lockscreen wallpaper and homepage wallpaper don't apply automatically. I had to move them through iFile then add them to Camera Roll then apply through wallpaper settings. The lockscreen slider image works fine. In the second picture you can see I have only replaced the Messages icon. I have other icons but they don't seem to be working???

The theme directory is as follows...

LiverpoolFC HD.theme
Bundles (Folder)
[email protected]
[email protected]

Inside Bundles I have...
com.apple.MobileSMS (This icon works fine, no problems at all)
com.apple.mobileipod.settings (Doesn't work for me. The icon is named... [email protected])
com.facebook.Facebook (Doens't work for me. The icon is name [email protected])
com.apple.springboard (With my springboard strings which is working)


All the Icons display fine through iFile and there all the same size... This is really annoying me! So any help will be greatly appreciated.