Hello Guys,

well, I played around a bit with Photoshop and made a png and psd for my Theme Idea, that hopefully will look great on black and white retina devices.

First, a picture and yes, it is really made by me

The upper and lower display consists of three parts: The glassy overlay, a background with a nice effect end some screws.

The buttons, now, consist of a glassy overlay and a background with effect. Maybe, a screw on the buttons bottom would look nice.

My idea is to insert a clock/date (ger/eng, 12/24/, with/without ampm widget to the upper display and a weather widget with translated ger/eng location, condition/temperature. This widget should look like Ian Nicolls uniAW, hope he will alow to use this code.

Someone interested to realize my idea? My skill in JavaScript and Photoshow is very poor (but studying computer science at the moment)

Hope for some replies