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Thread: HD icons?

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    Default HD icons?
    i just finished making my new theme and im planning on sending it sometime this week......
    only one problem.. to sumbit paid themes... it has to support the retina display
    i have a 2g ipod touch.. so i know nothing about HD and retina display
    what do i have to do to make my icons retina display compatible and how do i do it
    right now all my icons are 59X60 and they look good on my ipod

    Thanks in advance

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    That's kind of a huge problem. You'll need to duplicate each image with @2x in the name. For example, [email protected]. And some of the files will need to be: [email protected]~iphone.png.

    However, unless you create your artwork at double the resolution (for icons it will be 120x120) your theme is still not "Retina Display Compatible" - it will be a pixelated mess.

    Theming (correctly) for a Retina Display device without being able to test it is probably impossible.

    The entire world is switching over to the higher resolutions, my advice is to not waste your time with the 480x320 res at this point.

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    I know that I probably need to get a new iPhone that supports it but I'm broke and I was planning on buying one from the money I get from this theme.. Maybe someone could tell me which icons need to be named [email protected] and which needs to be [email protected]~iPhone.png
    Thanks again

    One more question..does the icons have to be in a different Folder or should I keep them in the same one
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    It would probably be best just to download a complete theme and use their naming scheme. Also, if you're going to sell this I would be very clear in your description that it is low-res so that you don't make people angry. Or offer it on ThemeIt which has a compatibility chart, so people know what they're downloading.

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    What theme would you suggest?
    Would it be okAy to just make 2 themes- one for hd and one for sd?
    If I was doing 2 themes would I juSt have to name the icons for hd just icon.png or still name it [email protected]

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    Neurotech is a complete theme, but there are a lot of great/ complete themes. Go over to Theme it, the missing theme store for iPhone by FIF7Y and see which ones are complete.

    Would it be okAy to just make 2 themes- one for hd and one for sd?
    If I were you I'd make one unified theme that has the files for both HD and SD. Managing two versions of the same theme is kind of a nightmare.

    How are you organizing your icons? Are you using the SummerBoard method (one "Icons" folder), or the WinterBoard method (a separate folder for each icon)?

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    Currently I have one folder called icons In which I keep all my png images

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