Hi everyone,

I've been trying to update the icons in a theme of mine and I'm having a hard time with a few icons:


I've looked for the bundle name in the plist for Tumblr and it says:
._CFBundleURLName_CFBundleURLSchemes_com.Tumblr.Tumblr¡/Vtumblr_com.tumblr.tumblr_ResourceRules.plistV4.0 GM£4"5_[email protected]]Icon-iPad.pngVTumblr	T????S3.0¡;
I tried naming the bundle folder "com.Tumblr.Tumblr" and "com.tumblr.tumblr" but nothing has worked. My icon name is "[email protected]" as it states. The similar problem exist for Tweetdeck etc. How do I properly find the bundle folder name & icon name to make things work?

BTW: I'm on iPhone4 4.2.1 (and I deleted the 4 com.apple.SpringBoard.folderSwitcherLinen already)

Thanks for your help!