This post is a guide to removing the background shadow that you see AFTER you press your icon.

If you don't want to have the square shadow on your smaller or shaped icons, install "no icon shadows iOS4.2.1" theme from Cydia.

** Thanks, oldsystem **

No more Shadows when pressing your icons. As it turns out, it's take a "little" getting used to because you when press on any icon, you're used to seeing something then your app opens. But now that it's not there anymore, your mind think for a milli-second wether you've pressed it or not.

1) Create a folder called '' in THE THEME FOLDER THAT YOU'RE USING. Put this new folder in a folder call Bundles. If there isn't one, create one and then put '' folder in it.
2) Get/make four blank icons named:
** if you're on iPhone 4, add @2x to the end of each file name ([email protected]) **
Here's a copy of the icon,
3) Once you got all your folder(s) created and your icons are named correctly, respring and you should see the changes.

Happy mod'in peeps.