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Thread: i cant seem to change these things?

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    Exclamation i cant seem to change these things?
    i want to change the text pop up window color and and boarder and as well as on my other picture the number notifications i want to change from red to another color i have attached pictures

    And this is what i want myn to look like

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    buy AlerArtist from cydia and you can change those things to whatever color you costs only 0.99$

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petrit H View Post
    buy AlerArtist from cydia and you can change those things to whatever color you costs only 0.99$
    Ok but I just want to take them from that theme and but them in myn what are the files called?

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    If you're building your own theme I would HIGHLY recommend buying "iFile" (from Cydia). If you're asking this question at all I have to assume you don't have it, and if that's the case it will change your theming life!!! It is what most would look at as "unfortunately" $4.00. But it is absolutely worth every... there needs to be an increment less than a penny. It comes with a "free trial" which seemed to be set up with a "please donate" alert that might pop up here and there for... who knows how long, I have no idea because after looking at it for about 10 min, I RAN back to Cydia to give this man his props!!! You can have your above mentioned elements copied into your theme in a matter of minutes, and you will also see that you no longer have any theming limits! This app has taught me nearly everything I know about theming and it takes you way beyond that by letting you browse EVERYTHING on your device visually. You can SEE those .pngs as images, select them, copy, use an amazing bookmarking and multitab system to flip straight to your theme's UIImages folder, and paste! I can't take the time or server space to fully explain how AMAZING this app really is!!! As far as quality and versatility, this makes 80% of Apple's apps look like TOTAL SCAMS!!!!!!! (which many, many, many of them really are)
    Anyway, seeing how it's slightly possible that you do already have iFile, I still wanted anyone else who reads this to have the opportunity to "see how far down the rabbit hole really goes..."

    A little app called "AppInfo"- free from Cydia (BigBoss) is an amazing help at first, witch shows you a list of all apps and packages (even "settings only") and has an "open in iFile" option to help you start making bookmarks for all of your important folders (Winterboard, your individual themes, Color Keyboard, Photos, Browser's Download folders, any location that's important to you.)

    Oh and at least for me on iPhone 4, iOS 4.2.1:

    your theme/Bundles/

    [email protected]

    your theme/UIImages

    [email protected]

    Spent 20 minutes composing this rant, about 1 to find them using iFile.

    Reply with any questions, happy to help!

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