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Thread: Anyone know what this icon set is?

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    Default Anyone know what this icon set is?

    I have the backgroud but I want the icon theme and have searched this repo up and down and can't find it and the creator won't e-mail me back

    any help is greatly appreciated

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    I saw those same icons in a YouTube video and asked what they were and I too hit no response. Please let me know if you find out.

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    +1 thats noyce
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    Yes extremely seems that noone has any idea.. I see German words tho so it concerns me that it won't be readily accessible

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    It could possibly be a set of icons someone made and gave never released to the public. I'm nit sure how we could find out. Maybe ask on other forums too?

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    Yep it seems to be revi-krs. Done icons are not quite the sane as the pic and the font of the folders is different. but I downloaded it and it looks nice. This us what I have.
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    Take that back. Icons are the same. The pic camera+ on it and I had camera.

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    o my.. thank you very much guys

    if anyone can't read it's revi-krs and it costs $2

    i really don't mind paying since i've been looking for it for so dang long.

    i guess now it's the hunt for whatever font that is
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    Yeah the font of the apps looks the same but just the folders are different. Maybe in the readme file there is some mention.

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    Weird. The fonts just changed for the folders. Look at my other pic then this one. The changed by themselves.
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    how did you make the theme allow that sleeklines background? or is there something extremely simple i'm overlooking

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    Drag sleek lines above the theme in winterboard

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    The font is tin birdhouse available on cydia.

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    Ima go with the stock theme for now cause I like the weather beig shown but thanks again for all you alls help

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