I just started using CategoriesSB, and I'm having an issue where the background I've selected for each category doesn't scale to fit my phone. It's hard to tell because it's so out of proportion, but it actually appears to be scaling to the size it would be if viewed on a computer.

I've been searching forever to see if anyone had this problem, and I've found nothing. Any help would be appreciated!

Here's some information that might be helpful, and I attached one of the wallpapers as well:

iOS 4.2.1

Apps that interact with the interface:

1.Winterboard (using iNavHD 1.5 theme)
3.Five-Column SB & Five-Icon Dock
6.Infinifolders (disabled right now)

Also, I know that the author and everyone else recommends FolderEnchancer now, but I'm sticking to Categories because I like to have a different icon for each "folder," which I don't think is supported in FolderEnhancer.