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Thread: How do i put Themes on firmware 1.1.2?

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    Default How do i put Themes on firmware 1.1.2?
    i heard putting themes on 1.1.2 is differnt from 1.1.3 and 4..please help me. paypal donations i could send like 3 bucks if i can find out how. thanks

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    The ONLY thing that is different is that the directory is located in a different spot in the file system of any firmware lower than 1.1.3, otherwise its the same.

    Search for Summerboard theme directory (you could google it) and it will give you the path (I cannot remember at the moment).

    The difference is in FW 1.1.3 and up....the path includes /Mobile/

    Under FW 1.1.3, it doesnt have the /Mobile/ in the path

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    Use a File transfer program. Transfer files to var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes. Also, a quick search will provide more information...


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    HERE YOU GO: /private/var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes

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    Guys speaking of this, I am still on 1.1.2 and the only thing that confuses me about adding or deleting too, is that when I go into my iphonebrowser, I notice, that there is tons of folders, that are named the same?? So I get confused as to which one I should go to for certain things, I don't want to add or delete from the wrong folder?? For instance, if I click on files, then there are tons of options, or I guess folders, which one of them says library, but if I click on systems, then in that folder, there is a library folder in there too? Or in files, there is var, but if I click on the private folder, well there is a var in there too? I just don't know where or which one to click on when adding certain things, like themes, or if I wanna add battery images, or different icons, or whatever??

    How do I know which folder to open to add or delete stuff, and know, that, that one is the right one? I hope I am making sense, and maybe someone has an easy explanation, or steps as to make sure we are in the right folders for certain things? Thanks guys, maybe I can finally be clear on what the Heck I am doing! heheheh
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