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Thread: Themes' icons

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    Default Themes' icons
    Hi, i had a problem with themes.. When i install a themes only a part of images in icons folder substitutes standard app's icons.
    Safari, mail, AppStore change; but a lot of Apps like photos, maps, notes and calendar no..

    What can i do ??

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    Maybe the first letter needs to be capital? Safari.png as opposed to safari.png?

    I know I have made that mistake in the past.

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    All the file have the capital letter..
    The icon that i want to change are :
    -phone (Phone.png)
    -sms (Messages.png)
    -settings (Settings.png)
    -calendar (Calendar.png)
    -notes (Notes.png)
    -photos (Photos.png)
    -calculator (Calculator.png)
    -maps (Maps.png)

    Between brackets there are the names of the image in icons folder
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    I just answered a similar problem here:

    You may also want to check to see if SummerBoard mode is ON in Winterboard.
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    Summerboard is on.

    I have deleted the cacheicon folder and then reboot but nothing change..

    The problem is that my new icons are bigger than standard ones and if i put them into bundles folder they are rescalated..

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    Rescalated, I like that.

    So you're saying that the icons are only displaying a portion of the image? Like 1/4th the image?

    It could be that the icons were made for the Retina Display. What device are you currently running? 3GS? iPhone 4?

    If this is the case you'll either have to get a non-HD theme, or resize all the icons in Photoshop to 60x60 @72dpi.

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    Sorry for my english =)

    I have an iphone 3gs firmware 4.1
    I mean that the icon would be bigger but have the stardard size

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    I'm sorry but I still don't follow you. Perhaps if you posted a screenshot of your problem?

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    Look...I am not able to change phone and sms icon..
    Notes and calendar would be big as safari, facebook, winterboard..

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    Hmm, I don't have any experience with that theme or icon size. You may want to contact the author of the theme -- he/she will know how to help you.

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    It's a problem that i have with all themes.. Some icon doesen't change..

    however thanks for your help =)

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    Anyone know what i can do ??

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