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Thread: Clock/date theme

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    Default Clock/date theme
    I have a simple lockscreen clock/date theme that I am using and would like to copy it and also have the same one but on the springboard. I want it separate because I am going to mod the location of it differently on the springboard than on the lockscreen. I copied it in iFile (LockClock.theme) and renamed it SpringClock.theme. I went into it an renamed the LockScreen.HTML to Wallpaper.HTML, and it showed up on the springboard. Only problem is it displays the lockscreen image and not the homescreen image. This is a very plain simple clock/date theme that doesn't refer to anyplace for an image. I tried to find a place in the HTML code or CSS code that refers to a specific image location, but there isn't one. Why won't it display my homescreen image when set?

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    You'll need to take the code out for the lock screen image and use a wallpaper inside the widget...there isn't a way to show the one that's set in the photo app as it covers any widget you try and add to the springboard

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    That's just it. There are no images in the theme. It's set as transparent in the CSS. Any image I set for the lockscreen from photos shows up on the lockscreen with the clock and date like it should. So when I copied the theme and renamed the HTML in the copied theme to wallpaper.HTML, I figured it would allow the same. However it is showing whatever image I set for the lockscreen.

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    That's cause your not coding the HTML file correctly, u can't rename a png file to HTML and just work

    You will have to create a txt file, inside place this inside

    img src="image.png"

    You need to place the open and close brackets around each line(the greater then and less then simbles)(site limitation in showing you what I mean)

    Save it as Wallpaper.png

    the image.png needs to be in the same location a the Wallpaper.png

    Please thank me on site

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    You changed the lockscreen.html to wallpaper.html correct? Like I said before you can't have the springboard wallpaper show, you need to include a wallpaper.png and edit the html to use that image.

    Only the lockscreen allows the wallpaper from photos to show..your Springboard (after lockscreen) needs a wallpaper.png and also the lockscreen image location removed from the html file

    **Post the html as a attachment so we can see it**
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    First read the last guys response

    Also something I missed that u would want is to:

    img src="Wallpaper.png" height="512" width="512"

    The brackets go around this
    512 is not correct but u get the idea even if I can't remember the correct numbers

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