Hello there.. Im currently making a theme, without the use of winterboard, for all my apps (safari, settings, etc.). It is mostly windows styled, and a bit seems to work. I have just been running into a strange thing right now. I have replaced (mostly) all the icons in Safari, also the startup screen. Lets start with the first screenshot:

Everything starts as it should do (normally), doh...

Then, i rebooted my iPhone. Nothing happens. Some days later i reboot it.

I open up safari, and then want to open my calc. When i open my folder, i see this:

Notice the safari icon in the dock, thats strange huh.?

After some time, the Safari icon and startup screen were replaced! I have no idea why, as i have rebooted it several times without any luck, getting the correct images to show up. Heres what i see now..

Is there any explanation on this?

Also, im not using winterboard. Im replacing the raw icons, as i don't want winterboard to be running and eating up resources. Also, this is on a iPhone 3G, im also gonna try this on my iPhone 4

Also, if you have some comments for the theme, please feel free to post!