Hello all

Bought the amazing mbex theme from cydia really liked it. But something within the theme is making my resprings super mighty long. I'm used to 10 sec tops resprings. Every time I install it and need to change a wallpaper and respring it takes forever. I stopped using it cuz of that.

I did a test actually :
Through sbsettings is where I usually press the respring button. Without mbex installed the little spinner in the middle of the screen does exactly one revolution and I hear the charging battery sound.
With mbex installed I counted 20 revolutions before I heard the sound. That's way too long IMO

Is it just me or is someone else experiencing it as well.

It sucks cuz I actually bought it for 1.59 and can't even use it due to me respringing a lot throughout my day.

Thanks for hearing me out! I need a second opinion so I know I'm not going crazy