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Thread: How to make themes and what needed?

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    Default How to make themes and what needed?
    I jailbroke my phone last night (iphone4) as you can probably tell I don't know much about this stuff at all! I want to make my own themes though, and I read jay Freeman's (saurik) writing about winterboard and how to theme and I'm getting a basic understanding so.... I tried to download winterboard on my computer which isn't a Mac, just a Dell and I tried to download openssh on my nonmac and couldn't figure out how to do that either! And I couldn't find my Terminal either to connect my phone and computer. Am I even on the right track? /: please help !

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    well, Im pretty new at this too, but I can tell ya what I did with my theme(still learning)....first i found one that i liked and had the features I wanted....then....i googled...tons!!!...

    Download it...install on any computer...this is how you ssh into your phone to get to the goods...I did it over usb cable...but can do it over wifi...usb is safer I is link for usb conect

    WinSCP :: How do I connect to my iPhone or iPod Touch?

    you will also need somegraphics editing software..I like photoshop or fireworks...theres tons out there, but you want one that works good with .png files.

    then what ya do is brose your phone in ssh mode to see whats will be looking for your theme that you have chosen and browsing to it through the winscp program..

    the way i have done is simply edited the icons, and artwork within the theme to my liking and then replaced the files back into the phone in the exact same locations with the exact same name they started with...if will be very screwed, and not liking your iphone

    It is very tedious work, and you have to really make damn sure you dont move other files around or delete them, or you could potentially brick the phone, and or at least have o phone after hours and hours of work....The main thing to know how to do things you want with the phone is Google google google....and of course ask here....I have received lots of very useful knowledge by reading guide/stickies located right dont want to do this stuff when you are occupied...make sure your head is clear, because it can get confusing at times...but once you get the hang of how it works, it will be fun...instead of tedious....Dirty

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    What Photoshop program works best?

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    check out

    it's a simple to use online theme generator
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