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Thread: Battery in top bar help

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    Default Battery in top bar help

    I have changed the following files:-
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    for some reason the draining there's still a white battery image behind it..

    any ideas?
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    did you add the non @2x version in there as well? for some reason those need to be in there, just copy all the hd images and rename them without @2x

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    ah, my bad, stupid cut n paste the ones I have in there atm are the non @2x names. the @2x ones aren't supported yet
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    hmm im confused.

    are you on a retina display? @2x is supported. i actually just made @2x battery images for my theme and i had to add the non @2x files so they would work.

    (image size for @2x batterydrainingBG is 42x40 144 ppi)

    here are some screenies of my status battery bar themed:

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    Ta. What directory did you put the @2x in?

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    same as the [email protected], UIImages. so in there you should have both @2x and non @2x versions. even if the non @2x are just copies of the @2x versions

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    gave it a luck
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    odd.i was having problems with my old battery icon images so i used Apple's original images and skinned them the color i wanted on Photoshop. Maybe your dimensions are off?

    but its really weird bc it looks like its showing both your skinned version and the original version. mine never did that..

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    would you mind posting yours?
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    no prob, here you go
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    I swore anything @2x under UIImages didn't actually pick up as yet.
    I used the attached file, killed all the @2x and go the same result, threw em all back in and as you've reported it works now. I'll have to figure out which image it is

    cheers again


    (the @2x do NOT pickup) for those playing at home you only need


    Turns out I had the Black_BatteryDrainingBG incorrectly named in the ps file, fixed up..issue sorted... Don't need the silver files etc.

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    interesting, guess i thought my @2x worked bc the non @2x were just copies of them. good to know.

    (btw, at this point im completely confused with the "@2x" talk, can't imagine anyone but ourselves understanding what's going on in this thread lol ;p)

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    You have passes the test. Also I have copied them to silver versions since these are the ones used in safari etc. So u need the black set for dashboard and silver for apps

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