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Thread: iOS 4.1 + iPhone 4 = Themes Broken? (kinda)

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    Question iOS 4.1 + iPhone 4 = Themes Broken? (kinda)
    I used limera1n to jailbreak, and it's great, everything's working, even the themes...

    BUT, the problem comes when I try to use a custom battery theme, or custom lock screen... they just don't work, oh, and keyboards. Is there something I missed? It's just those 3, and I'd rather like a different keyboard and battery.. :P

    Sorry if this was brought up, and I just missed it.

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    Keyboards have not worked since they released firmware 3.0. As for your battery.. make sure you're using a "retina" or "HD" theme or it won't work. As for the lockscreen I'm not sure.

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    Ah, I was unaware of the keyboard bit, and the battery, as well. I've been gone for quite a while... hah, since the days of 2.x.

    Well when I install and use a lock screen, what's it supposed to do?

    oh, and sliders don't work either, I got a whole bunch of "Android" stuff, Battery, Slider, etc.

    I know I seem really n00b-ish, but I'm not.. just kinda new to this "generation" of jailbreaking :P

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    Apple may have changed the names for many of the theme features. For instance the SMS bubble names have changed in the default folder among other things.

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    Yeah, that makes sense... so it's just a matter of time before everything is re-discovered. So... why can't keyboards work after 3.0? What did Apple do that made it impossible?

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    Your best bet is to get a relatively complete HD theme, and looking through the files to see how it all works in the new fw that's what I do anyway..

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    That'd exactly what I'm doing =) I ended up looking at a few iPhone 4 specific pieces and throwing them all together in a theme. It worked as a complete theme. Now to make my own =D
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    I had the same problem and realized that a lot of the themes that I was downloading are not supported by 4.1 (custom battery, keyboards..). If you go into Cydia, go to search, type in ios4 and a list of themes, batteries, custom status bar, etc pop up. Also type in iPhone 4 (if you have an iPhone 4) and more pop up for that. I'm still working on trying to find custom keyboards for iAcces 4 China, but it doesn't look like any of them are for 4.1 (some for 4.0 but haven't seen 4.1 yet). Hope this helps!

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    Yeah, I found a bunch of pieces for iPhone 4, on 4.1.. it's specific images... so I'm combining them all and making my own complete iPhone 4 on 4.1 theme.

    If you'd like I'll include a zip of the iPhone 4-specific items. Battery, Folder, icons, background, lock screen, etc.

    and I've heard keyboards haven't worked for some time now...which is depressing...

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