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Thread: Changing individual folder icons....

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    Default Changing individual folder icons....
    Has anyone found a way to change an individual folders icon?

    I perused the info.plist file for the SB but there doesn't seem to be any options there unless there are some undocumented keys, etc that don't appear there that one could specify under a given folders entry...

    Also, just for the hell of it I browsed my active themes folder and on the off chance of it working I tried the following to no avail:

    The icon, for say the calculator app, is located in the "" directory located inside the "bundles" directory of a themes folder. Now the name of the folder that I would like to change is "Common"

    I created a as well as a and put an icon in there. As stated above it didn't work but following logic those were my starting points.

    If anyone has done this, has any thoughts or comments about this please let me know.


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    Categories is the only for sure method that works I'm guessing a HTML file could overlay a folder icon as long as you never move it's location unless you edit the HTML file, but them again it could appear behind the icons I forget right now

    Where did you find that info.plist file? I've been looking for it for over a month on 4.0.1 with no luck
    PS I'm talking about the info plist that controls the date and time colors in the status bar and MakeItMine, I would like it all white everywhere for my theme

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    Ya know what now that I checked it wasn't the info.plist file, rather it was the IconState.plist and IconSupportState.plist files located in: "/var/mobile/Library/SpringBoard"

    As far as categories goes I feared that much... Too bad there isn't a more integrated way to make it happen. I'd really like to keep things consistent across the board(ie. Not have to mix categories and native folders) as well as cut down on the number of running mobile substrate extensions. HTML could be one way to go I suppose, seems like that would be a bit tricky however. Also this folder is located in the dock(i guess stacks would work too), not sure if that impacts the HTML option at all...

    Thanks for the reply though, if I do figure out a more streamlined/native/less memory intensive solution I'll be sure to post it. In the mean time if anyone else has any other ideas please feel free to share!

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