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Thread: making larger icon sizes + 4.0 + piccies

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    Default making larger icon sizes + 4.0 + piccies
    okies, so I know most icons are 124 x 124.

    In my naruto theme I used the button as the bg and overlayed a character (usually larger then the icon button itself).

    this was done by increasing the image size to 90 * 90 vs the 90 60 x 60. This kept the lets call it rounded rectangle / button the same size as a standard button but allowed more room around it.

    So I'm trying to update my simpsons theme with decent icons.

    but with the new 4.0 I can't figure out the icon size to let me do it. It just keeps making the image smaller. Tried same ratio, ie 60 : 90 = 1.5

    124: 186 = 1.5

    any suggestions?

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    very frustrating.. I can do it ok using 90 x 90 but that looks bad on the new retina display...once you have hdd theres no going back...would really appreciate assistance.

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    Not possible with the current winterboard... I dont know if it will ever be. I think maybe Saurik is too busy counting our money. All the issues with winterboard and even Cydia itself have gone unresolved and apparently ignored for months now.

    Have you ever noticed how the main page of Cydia still says...
    "Upgrading to 3.1.3? Read This"

    Retina mode will resize your icons to 118x120 no matter what you do.
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    Cheers I'll try a minor workaround. Just back off the icon button size within the 120 restraint. Cheers

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