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Thread: how do i...?

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    Default how do i...?
    i've been trying to figure this out for over an hour.
    i want to change my 'Messages' icon, i want the icon to just say "Messages" with a transparent background going across my entire dock. how do i make it so that the icon is larger than 40x40 as well as make the entire icon clickable?

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    I could do this for you, but you will have to add my repo. Do you want me to make you a package?

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    could you really??? that would be awesome

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    How large do you want the image?

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    basically to stretch across the entire dock

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    What colors do you want it to be?

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    just black, maybe with shadow, nothing too special

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    you are the man for that
    great job!!!!
    i just need to fix one thing, the stock icon's shadow is still in the middle of the screen but i know how to get rid of that. thank you so much!!!

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    Do you want me to make it bigger or just remove it?

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    the icon is perfect, i just need to know how to remove the icon shadow

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    uhhh asterisks? PM

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    Lol okay. Im a newb at modmyi lol.

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    but how do i change it for just one icon? i don't want to change it for all of them

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    aww shucks. i'll make some magic happen.

    but thank you soooo much!!!!

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    Looks good! I added your repo and downloaded it too. Doesn't suit my theme, but sweet work!

    By the way, I hope it's okay to do that. I figured it would seeing as it's in a public forum?

    If not, sorry!

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    Lenny: thanks for adding it! Lol I actually want people to add it. If you want to you can check out the other package on there. It is a cool iPhone dialer. If you ever want me to create you something just PM me.

    Btowne: no problem!

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    okay so when your Messages icon is in my dock, a square and the word Messages show up in grey where the stock icon would be, which i'm assuming is the icon shadow. however, once i remove it from my dock and place it on my springboard, it is the way it is supposed to be. What's wrong now?

    PS- I'll post screen shots if you need me to

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