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Thread: how do i...?

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    Screen shots would be nice :-)

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    EDIT- it didn't f'ing work, it actually made it worse
    i'll post screen shots of what's happening with it now
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    Did u test it out? I tried that already and it didn't work. But I only have an iPod touch so it might only work on the iPhone.

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    the refelection is annoying because it's shifted way to the right, plus i don't want it there at all lol
    behind the 'sa' is the grey square with the grey 'messages' that i need to figure out how to get rid of
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    If I post an icon with a tiny white background behind it... Can someone edit & remove it? Driving me crazy! Thanks

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    Oh my goodness thank you! Is it too much to do a couple? =) just post them here (sorry never posted anything) thanks in advances for everything! Need more icons!

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    Um...are you goin to post them? Or did I misunderstand you?

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    Yes I am. Sorry, I was asking =)

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    here they are! =)
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    Default Pics
    Here they are! Right Click << Save as...
    Attached Images Attached Images          

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    Oh my goodness, THANK YOU! which program did you use?

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    Photoshop. Please click the thanks button on that other post of mine.

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