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Thread: Katra weather lockscreen not working on iphone 4?

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    Default Katra weather lockscreen not working on iphone 4?
    I used to run the katra weather lockscreen theme on my 2g and 3g phones.
    But now that i want to use them on my iphone 4 it just wont work.

    The problem is that the it gets stuck on "loading weather or weather is updating" with the status circle moving but it just wont move from there.

    I did install them via Cydia and also load it with Iphone Browser>library>themes and edit (Configure Me) file with my city/zip code either way still wont work or give me the weather info.

    I tried Katra Weather, Katra Weather HD V2, and Katra Weather V3 none works.

    Are these themes not set yet to work with iphone 4? Do i need any other help file to the themes to work.

    ** And yes i activate them with WitherBoard to apply themes **

    Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
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    I had katra v3 working on iPhone 4 but it would only sometimes work. It mostly was stuck on the weather is updating.

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    I'm trying two different themes on my i4 but can't get either weather to update. I've tried both accuweather and yahoo, with a zip code and city name. Nothing seems to work; it just won't update the weather.

    I got nothin.

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    Did you turn summerboard mode on?

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    Yup. No dice.

    The location codes I used were "#####" for zip code and, "Xxxxx, KS" for location. I see a weird character string like USX01001 or something floating around on some other forums. Do I need to find a code that looks more like that?

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    I just put wigan, England in and it worked. I've since deleted it off my phone though. You only need the usxxx???? Code if it's set to yahoo weather.

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    And you have the iPhone 4? Hmm. I tried Shawnee, KS with accuweather but no dice.

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    Yeah, it was working on my ip4. The main problem was that it would have to update every time the phone was woken from sleep mode which took too much time.

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    I think it may have something to do with the iphone 4 because it was working fine on my 3g

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    Anyone figured this out yet? It was so nice to see Katra's HD weather on the lockscreen.

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    wanted a simple 1 day weather icon and temp readout for my lockscreen skin but couldnt find anything simple enough... yet if anyone has any suggestions that would be helpful

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    Still not getting this to work. Anyone got it ot work on iP4? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdvo View Post
    Still not getting this to work. Anyone got it ot work on iP4? Thanks.
    MacThemes Forum / Animated Weather Elements HD V2 AND V3 by MNIDHK (New version !!!)

    Read that post and download those files. I along with cameron on there modified it heavily (basically rewrote the entire thing) and it works great on iphone 4. Just know that changing the clock font is the main delay from sleep, so you do sacrifice speed with that. However, with daemons off and wifi off my wake time is 2 seconds or less. Let me know if you have any questions. We know exactly why it doesn't work on iphone 4.

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    Default Fixed, tested on iPhone 4 (unknown firmware) and iPhone 3GS 4.3.3
    None of the posts above worked for me, some of you can give this a try:

    A user named LilSnoop40 posted a fixed version on another forum site. He reports it working on his iPhone 4 (not sure what firmware version, posted 11/2010). It is working 100% on my iPhone 3GS running firmware 4.3.3.

    Hope this helps those of you that miss the app or want to try it. I love it.

    The link to his post is:
    (delete the spaces between sinful and iphone. It wasn't displaying correctly when I left it without spaces...maybe I'm breaking forum rules? : O)

    Download link to his fixed version of Katra's Weather v3 is: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    (This is the same link he posted, I'm posting it here to save you the extra step of going to the other forum).

    Detailed Installation Instructions:
    *Your iPhone must be jailbroken and have Cydia installed
    *I assume you know how to use Cydia
    *If you live outside of the US, step 5 will be different for you. I am not certain on which things within the configureme.js file need to be changed for'll need to do some googling : (
    *If you're using a Mac, steps 13-17 will be different (instead of using winSCP to browse the folders of your iPhone, also called SSHing, you will need to use a different program)
    *The computer your using and your device must be connected to the same wifi network
    *Everything included in doing this is free

    1. Download the Katra's Weather v3 zip file from the second link posted above
    2. Unzip the folder within named "Katra's Weather v3.theme"
    3. In this folder, browse to "Katra's Weather v3.theme/Private"
    4. Right click configureme.js and open with notepad
    5. Many lines begin with //. The first line that doesn't begin with // reads
    var locale = "Schnecksville, Pennsylvania"
    replace "Schnecksville, Pennsylvania" with your zip code
    example) var locale = "19104"
    6. Save the file and close
    7. Open Cydia, search for OpenSSH and install it
    (this is used to connect to your device to browse through it's system folders)
    8. In Cydia, install Winterboard (this is the app used to apply Katra's Weather theme)
    9. Optional but recommended to display more nicely - In Cydia, install Lockscreen Clock Hide
    (Removes the date/time normally at the top of the lock screen, looks nicer)
    10. Optional and totally a choice of preference- In Cydia, install 20 Second Lock Screen
    (Simply allows the lock screen to display longer before turning the display off)
    11. On your iPhone, go to settings->wifi-> and click the blue arrow next to your wifi network name
    12. Write down the IP Address (looks similar like or
    13. Download and install winSCP from their website (use default settings)
    14. Run WinSCP
    15. Type the IP Address you wrote down into the Host name box
    16. Type root into the user name box, and alpine into the password box
    17. Press Login (if it doesn't work the first time, try once or twice more)
    18. On the right side, browse to private/var/stash/Themes.vBKsLv
    19. Drag your entire Katra's Weather v3.theme folder into this folder
    20. Close WinSCP
    21. On your iPhone, find the Winterboard app you installed (blue snowflake icon)
    22. In the Winterboard app, make sure SummerBoard Mode is on
    23. In the Winterboard app, press select themes and check Katra's Weather v3
    24. Press home and you are done!!!

    I hope this helps those of you that are new or don't understand how most of this works : D
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