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Thread: StatusBar Clock Color iOS4

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    Default StatusBar Clock Color iOS4
    So I installed "Limegreen StatusBar Clock" from Cydia and enabled it from Winterboard and it worked but I didn't like how it looked so I SSH'd into my iPod Touch and edited the color "limegreen" to "red" then I respring and I see the clock is now black so I'm thinking hmmm what went wrote? I disable it and re-enable it but it stood the same (black) so I uninstalled the package and installed another one (blue) I go to Winterboard and enable but it STILL stood black so I'm like WTF??? Anyone know what could have happen??

    Notes: I disabled everything in Winterboard and even tried turning Summerboard on and off but no luck...

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    how did you edit the color ?

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    Opened the Info.plist in notepad then saved it and uploaded it back to my iPod.

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    I use 4.0 and the app doesn't do anything at all.

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    It was working for me now it don't...

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    Hmmm. That is strange. The plist worked for changing the calendar colors for me on a 4g but have not tried the time on the status bar

    Are u using color names or hex colors? I'd try the hex color code if u have not yet
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    I tried names and hex codes with and without the hash.. Can anyone get it working is my question.

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    You mean on the new ios4? I can try tonight and let u know

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    Yeah on iOS4. Thanks.

    Any luck?
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    Yeah, it did not work for me either.

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    That's very odd. I don't get how it was working then suddenly stopped.

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    i have never seen it work. u sure it worked the first time ? try reinstalling the same file and see if it works in its orignal color, coz it doesnt work for me at all. iOS4 on 3GS

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    I'm pretty sure... Unless I was seeing things.. I tried that already and it still didn't work..

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