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Thread: How to Hide Unlock Slider?

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    Default How to Hide Unlock Slider?
    I want to hide the unlock slider. Running IOS 4 on iPhone 4 with Apple Wallpaper Theme (randomnly changes lockscreen wallpaper). Every theme I've tried that claims to make the unlock slider invisible only makes the text invisible and the slider is still there. How can I easily remove the slider (you still have to slide to unlock but you just don't see the slider.)

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    there is an app in Cydia called can also edit what you want to see instead of stock text
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    Quote Originally Posted by rumcajs View Post
    there is an app in Cydia called can also edit what you want to see instead of stock text
    Like all the others I tried on the iPhone 4, it doesn't hide the slider. It just changed text from Slide to unlock to "unlock". You're not running this on a 4 are you? Not sure if that or ios 4 is the issue?

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    try making transparent bottombarbkgndlock.png and bottombarknobgray.png files then place them in \Bundles\\ of any of your winterboard themes. I think that should work.

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    @up +1...and yes im running this on iP4 its located above all themes in can edit text to whatever you want... or just completely clear it
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    I copied those two images from the iHideTheSlider theme and verified they are blank transparent images. I copied them to the folder as suggested in one of my themes and there's no change.

    By the way, I want NOTHING for the slider, as if nothing is there so the wallpaper below comes through as if nothing is on top of it. The Lockinfo program is capable of doing this but I'm not sure how they completely eliminate it and then re-use the freed up screen space where the slider was for other stuff.

    I'm guess now that maybe it has something to do with Apple Wallpapers theme by Toffifee. It uses an HTML file with javascript to change the lockscreen wallpaper every time you lock the phone. Try installing that, then try to make the slider completely dissapear with whatever. If that isn't the case I don't know what is.

    I even bought for $.99 the "Invisible Unlock Sliders" theme by "The Stapler". It doesn't work either. It removes the "Slide to Unlock" text, but the actual slider is still there. Running iPhone 4 with IOS 4.0.1. As with the others, I made sure it was the first theme, and I even disabled my Apple Wallpapers theme. I don't believe anyone is achieving this as the only lockscreen I've seen on IOS 4.01 iP4 that the slider is completely gone is the Lockinfo program which takes over the entire lockscreen display.
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    I use lockinfo.
    Settings > LockInfo > Lockscreen > Layout > Hide Lock Slider (On)

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    Quote Originally Posted by iDragon88 View Post
    I use lockinfo.
    Settings > LockInfo > Lockscreen > Layout > Hide Lock Slider (On)
    I have used that program but the problem is it has not notification alert functionality like Intelliscreen does, and Notifier by Spektro isn't being updated to work with IOS 4 so I am stuck with Intelliscreen.

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