Hi all,

I'm not that technical and this change to iOS4 and new file names and sizes had left me a bit confused. So, i thought I would ask some questions

(1) It seems like need to add "@2x" to all the file names of anything I ssh? Is that correct?

(2) Whenever I pull a .png file off my iphone to look at it and open it in Mac preview, there are no images, I just get a blank image. What do I need to do to see it?

(3) The pixel size of the images has changed with the pretty new hi res screen. My old badges are not working and the icon sizes seems to have change. How much larger to a need to make the image sizes.

(4) I want to change the folder icon. There are two folder icons. Since i can't see the images, I'm not sure which file changes what.

(5) Anyone know how to get rid of those awful icon shadows. I downloaded the theme from Cydia that is suppose to do it, and then changed the file names to @2x, but it did not work. (though this did work for other themes). Any thoughts