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Thread: HD 640x960 Lockscreen Wallpaper possible in Winterboard?

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    Default HD 640x960 Lockscreen Wallpaper possible in Winterboard?
    I downloaded the Random Apple-Wallpaper Theme for Winterboard. But when I loaded my own wallpapers that were 640x960 for my iPhone 4, it displays them as the old iPhone resolution so they looked zoomed in and off center. I'm trying to determine the problem. The end result is I want my lockscreen wallpaper to be high-resolution 640x960 images, *AND* for it to auto change the image every time I lock the phone (or after certain amount of time). Can Winterboard not handle 640x960 lockscreen image in the theme file or is the problem the Random Apple-Wallpaper Theme is specifying the lower resolution even though the actual image file is high-res?

    Thanks much in advance for any help!

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    Perhaps the wallpaper in that theme isn't 640x960 because in the iPhone 4 theme I am working on my lockscreen background displays just fine. Are you using the iPhone to set the background for your lockscreen or using SSH?

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    If I use the Winterboard theme: Apple Wallpapers (by Toffifee), it doesn't work. If I go into settings and select an HD wallpaper, the exact same images I pointed the theme too, displays fine.

    This is what I'm using and how I'm using it. I use iPhone Browser to copy all the images over.

    YouTube - Rotating lockscreen wallpaper for iphone 2g 3g 3gs

    Try it yourself and you'll see what I mean.

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    I am having the same problem. Did you ever figure it out?


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    You do realize that u are saying it works fine from your photo library so why not place the HD images/backgrounds into a folder on your computer and sync them to your iPhone using iTunes under the photos tab on the far right?

    Then just use your iphone and set them as your background

    If I've helped please thank me on site if not ask please ask questions

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    We are using a jailbreak app called "random apple wallpaper," which changes the lockscreen image every time the phone is locked. you can replace the default pics with your own and they display in original iphone resolution as opposed to iphone 4 res. we want iphone 4 resolution lockscreen pics to change randomly on the lockscreen each time the phone is locked, just as he explained in the original post.

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    winterboard is not yet updated to handle hd pics natively. you can use the photo library and set them directly, or use winterboard's html and use the pixel mapping as you would on the old iphone resolution ( if using hd images it seems to display them hd anyway)
    i use the html route and it seems to work nicely...

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    thanks for the help. i'm super new to all this, what's the best way to go about doing that?

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