OK so we all know deep down that we are envious of the HTC Sense UI seeing as the default iPhone one is plain and boring. I also know there are quite a few HTC Sense themes out there but none of them really have what i was after in a Sense theme so i thought id create my own. What im after here is opinions and some constructive criticism. I know there is a long way to go with this theme but its better to get input earlier than getting it later on when thigns are harder to change.

Heres a video of the theme in its current form:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfXGOQrHxes]YouTube - HTC Sense Theme.avi[/ame]

This theme uses:

-Custom iconoclasm layouts
-HTC Clock
-Large HTC Widget style icons
-Orbit with activator (Pinch on Homescreen) for the page jump feature in Sense
-Categories in bottom left dock for the Sense 'All Applications' View

OK so now for the things i know need to be sorted:

-Dock icons larger to cover Icon labels
-Youtube and iPod icons either larger or closer spacing
-Complete other pages
-Make custom page wallpapers for page reference above dock
-Full set of icons

Please Note: This is my first 'large' theme project and im doing it as none of the current sense themes really capture the true essence of HTC Sense UI