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Thread: A guide to autocreating icons

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    Post A guide to autocreating icons
    I looked all over the fourms and couldn't find a guide for this so i decided to make one.One thing to note is no matter what you do only appstore icons and newly made webclips will theme

    Any questions may be posted in this form.

    to make these examples i will be using GIMP 2.6.7 free photo editing software. if you have photoshop that will work too.

    1-----> the first step is to add an UIImages folder to your theme. it should just be a regular folder within the theme

    2-----> the second step is to make a icon shape. this should be named AppIconMask.png (watch the caps) and will be the shape of all your icons. This

    should be placed in the UIImages folder. it should be a black shilote of the shape you'd like your apps to be (i think transparanceys work not sure).

    [size 57 x 57 pixels] as the AppIconMask would lead

    to --->

    3----->make an AppIconShadow.png. this is an image that show up behind the icon.
    3a)shaping icons
    make a blank 57x57 pixel icon (transparent) and name it AppIconShadow.png to get rid of the shadow in the appstore (black squares behind icons). there is a blank in my picasa album
    this will lead to
    Build a frame around the AppIconMask and name it AppIconShadow.png
    if this is the frame then this will be the appstore/spring board [still using my AppIconMask]

    this will go over all apps that have apples default overlay on them. it should be your frame with this in it and will go on top of the icon unlike the shadow. this can also just be your psd.

    Link to install gimp 2.6Download GTK+ and GIMP installers for Windows from
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    Thanks so much man Ive been looking everywhere for a guide on this. Is it possible to create autocreate icons that are larger than the 57x57??

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    I think that 60x60 is the max size but feel free to experiment and tell me what you find
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    Does this work in iOS4? I use illumine and it has those overlays, but doesn't apply them... I think apple moved the icon cache location.

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    Try going to winterboard and bringing illume to the top then turning illume off and on (unchecking and rechecking) then clicking respring in winterboard using the button. I had to do that to get my theme to work

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    didn't work

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    Quote Originally Posted by clueo8 View Post
    Does this work in iOS4? I use illumine and it has those overlays, but doesn't apply them... I think apple moved the icon cache location.
    Here you go...

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