I hope this is the right sub-forum for this issue.

I'm modding the AppleAccuWeatherStolen.js to be able to separate some of the weather info that has "(am/pm)". I added the weather info for the "Night only Icons" section in the very beginning of the plist to be more specific on night-time images and tried 2 things afterwards"

1) took out the (am/pm) of each weather info in the command section (not sure what it's called), then added the weather info in the Night only Icons section and designated an image (.png).
2) Did the same as above, but specified the "used-to-be" (am/pm) to (am), and even tried (day), for the day and (pm), also tried (night) for the Night only Icons. An example in case you don't know what I'm talking about...


"cloudy1", // 7 Cloudy (am/pm)


"cloudy1", // 7 Cloudy (am)

// Night only Icons;

"cloudy2_night", // 39 Cloudy (pm)

Anyway, both didn't work whether it was specified as am or day and pm or night. It was still taking the default from accuweather for the Night only Icons. Is there a way to specify the commands so day is day and night is night on those commands that has (am/pm)?