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Thread: Theming on iPhone 4

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    Default Theming on iPhone 4
    The other day I was watching the video of the keynote address for the WWDC. During the keynote, Steve jobs mentioned in regards to the new screen and its resolution that current apps and images utilizing current screen resolutions will look good on the new iphone but apps and images designed to utilize the resolution of the new iphones screen will look great...

    this got me thinking, how will the current UIImages, icons and what nots of current themes stack up on the new screens resolution? Will the new resolution render the images to lose any of their luster and will this cause the themers to up the resolutions while making or tweaking their themes? I'm not very photoshop or media design savvy so I dont know how all that would work...
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    theme creators are starting to make themes designed specifically for the iphone 4.

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    I am wondering this myself. Because of the theme's are stretched to fit the new resolution they are not going to look good, they are going to get pixelated.

    I have started making a theme for the iPhone4, but I do not know if they are going to "up" the Icon size or keep it the same, considering the number of Apps out there that are the current size of 60x60.

    I guess we can only speculate until the iPhone is released and we can start theme troubleshooting on it.

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    There are 4 icons for each application

    icon.png = 59x60
    icon-72.png = 74x76
    Icon-Small.png = 29x29
    Icon-Small-50.png = 59x60

    Icon-Small are for the little icons you see in the folder icon on the home of springboard..funny the iPhone 4 uses the standard size icons of current iDevices for the iddybiddy folders LOL!!

    All the tiny icons inside the top 2 rows of folders are the -small

    *EDIT* I just noticed that the little icons in the folder reflect the changes I made to the Icon.png! so maybe i am wrong with what I said the function of the -small images are.
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