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Thread: can someone give advice?

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    Default can someone give advice?
    i need help with making a theme.
    i know to to make a normal layout theme but im trying to make a theme like inav or the new eight OS: with a diffrent layout.
    can someone give me info, help or even a website on how to do this??
    thank you.

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    they use apps like categories, categories SB, springjumps, (where each page is for a different category)

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    ok, but i do i make 1 of those themes?

    no one?
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    Please elaborate, so you are trying to create a theme with different size icons and categories folders and springjumps? if so, most of these themes are done by experienced themers, and can take alot of hard work and effort into designing. However, i will not doubt the power of anyone , and think you should try your best. For basic theming look here, Hack that Phone - Make and use themes with WinterBoard - Section 2: Creating a basic theme
    probably not wat youre looking for but can help for beginners.

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    Yes i am looking for guide on how to make diffrent layout then The default layout. I do knowhow to make basic theme so i dont need that guide. I am willing to put lot of time and work in such themes.

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    sorry I dont currently know of any. I have searched for some just for learning purposes and i will notify you if I find one worthwhile.

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    The best way is to download a theme you like ssh and drag and drop that theme into your desktop, now just use that theme for reference such as name.png's "Folders" and from there BE CREATIVE

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    ok thank you for that, but can someone explain me a little bit on the basics on how to make a theme like that?
    thank you in advance

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    could you put what experience you have and what materials you are working with?

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    I can Photoshop pretty good and i know some html, and i know how to make a good standard layout theme

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    before you start creating professional type themes, you need to master basic themes

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