Today, I installed iPod OS 3.1.3 for the first generation and before that I backed up everything using "AptBackup". After jailbreaking once again, I hit the restore button on AptBackup and it synced everything in well. Before all this, I edited the Perfection theme and put in my own wallpaper, and own lockbackground, and fixed all the bugs I could find. But none of those changes are seen on the screen. But the funny thing is, when I SSH into my ipod, all the files which I put in/edited are still there, normally I would know how to fix such a problem, but I'm lost.

Everything is set to default, even the bugs, such as the weather widget making the lockbackground black and stuff like that, but everything is perfect in the files when I SSH and look at the files, but then why is the theme on defaults?

All help is appreciated.
Thanks in advanced.