Hello all,

at the moment I am completly rescripting "Weather Elements". The only things I used from "Weather Elements V3" are the grafics. My question is simple: Who owns these grafics? I don't want to "steal" stuff without having an okay from this person.

What my version is able to do:
  • Whole Javascript is now using jQuery
  • Rewrote the AJAX Routines to not use the stolen Accuweather Script anymore
  • Internationalisation of the forecast and all other texts
  • On the 6 Days forecast screen you can click on every day to see the forecast text for this day fade in
  • Also the background fades to the big forecast picture of the clicked day
  • You have the possibility to enter a custom text which is shown below the unlock slider (for example your name)
  • Customizeable time for the fade (some like it slow, some like it faster)
  • Language Autodetection
  • Some more effects.. I am still not at the end

I would like to release it to the public when I finish it. So I hope to get an okay.