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Thread: Can't get rid of reflective dock... after restoring to 3.1.2

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    How do you think I could remove Reflective Dock (with orange switch) in the settings list? The funny thing is that in this list, you only see names and you have to go into one of the names in the list to see switches. but this dumb reflective dock has a switch right there first thing you click on settings

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    I did what you said.. Looked for the ./Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/ReflectiveDock.dylib file, not there. Went into springboard.plist, and found SBUseOldDock, (first tried with iFile, it said hex error line 1), then used TextWrangler to change from /true to /false, and then put it back in and rebooted. Still Reflective Dock in the Settings list, and it won't allow for my Infinidock to function. It still forces five icons into the dock, and that's too limited for me. I want four icons scrollable to different pages within the dock. I tried reinstalling RD and uninstalling through Rock. Any ideas how to fix this, please?

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    Cool found a soloution
    Okay, so I think the issue for most people here is that, on some old install of reflective dock (The one which appears at the top of settings in orange), when your iphone was restored or this cydia app was removed, dock reflections was probably not turned off first. Since I could not find a version (of the orange system pref) reflective dock I could not reinstall, then turn it off then remove it.

    So instead i manually added An old version of supreme prefs 3.0 by iMario.
    (Enabled it in winterboard, then it will appear in preferences, After some searching, I found it can be downloaded from here. its a really cool settings app actually) I Wonder why Mario stopped supporting it.

    You can download it here:

    RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

    Once downloaded on your mac or P.C SSH in to iphone and crete a folder in media called Cydia in that folder crate a folder called AutoInstall. Place any .deb file in this folder and then restart you phone on reboot the deb will be installed. Added bonus of this Method is you can uninstall through Cydia later.

    Good luck let me know if it worked for you.


    Jimmy (Iphone Whiz) Any other issue with iPhone let me know I like trouble shooting.

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    Is This what you are getting in the settings app?

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    I had a very similar problem after I restored and jailbroke the phone again. I had changed a bunch of settings in the phone with two particular apps before I restored the phone. What was interesting it that with the fresh new install and with no apps installed the settings were still active. I had to reinstall the apps I used to make those changes to be able to change them back again.

    I had hidden many icons including some of the default apps, and after the restore I had no way to get to those apps until I reinstalled SBSettings. Interesting enough, I had also turned off the Mobile Substrate for a couple of add-ons too, and when I reinstalled them again through cydia they just didn't want to work. Finally figured I had to go back into SBSettings an re-enable them, even though it was a fresh install.

    Supreme Settings 3.0
    I had changed quite a few settings through this app and I swear to you that a good amount of those settings are only accessible with the app, and once you set the options they stay set whether the app is installed or not.

    BTW...Supreme Settings 3.0 has a direct setting for Enabling Reflective Dock. And if it is set to on it prevents the actions of many other dock themes that work through Winterboard. If you ever had a third party preference loader then that's probably your issue. Supreme Preferences 3.0 is pretty thorough and it might help you. Only place I know to find it is through the xsellize repo. But the other guy that just mentioned it above included a link, I think. Let us know if that helps.

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    I do not have the Reflective Dock option in Settings but somehow my dock is reflective by default. I never installed Reflective Dock on the current device. And weirdly enough, it only became so after I installed and uninstalled Shrink. Not sure about the co-relation though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iGarza View Post
    sorry Buckstar - When i say "google" i meant to go to Google and do a search for "clear your iphone cache" or "reflective dock issues".
    im sure you will find something.


    This thread may help
    How to remove Reflection on Dock? - Mac Forums
    how is that going to help him lol?

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    Buckstar have you installed desktop/SMS background? It includes reflective dock

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