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Thread: I need some help with my Zune HD theme.

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    Default I need some help with my Zune HD theme.
    So I've been working on a new Winterboard theme to mimic the OS of the new Zune HD. I've even ported the font that the Zune uses called "Zegoe" over to the phone successfully.

    Here's the springboard, pretty snazzy am I right?

    However, this isn't my issue, though if there was a way to make the springboard scroll up and down like summerboard back in 1.0.2, it would be nice.

    I will use these two images to personify my problem. I cannot find a way to change the text color in the applications to white, and the background to black. This is crucial in the goal of my theme, as it is supposed to look just like the Zune HD, which has white text on black all throughout it.

    Can anyone help me out?


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    ugh there are already 2 or 3 others...and that doesnt mimic it as well as the others..

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    @ ikesmasher-i havent seen these other 2 but this looks exactly like the Zune to me.
    @ ericapproves- Nice Job! I dont know how to change the background color to black but i know that all the text in apps rely on fonts that are installed on the phone, so for instance, if an app uses Helvetica font, and you were to take the font from the zune (Zegoe?) and make certain folders in ur theme you can accomplish this. The most important part though is the info.plist file. There are two very good tutorials that can point you in the right direction here:
    Hack that Phone - Make and use themes with WinterBoard - Section 15: Changing SpringBoard fonts, font sizes, and font colors
    and here:
    Hack that Phone - Make and use themes with WinterBoard - Section 23: Changing the lock screen clock font (or removing it)
    All you will really be doing is telling the phone that whenever Helvetica font is supposed to be used (or any other font) to call Zegoe instead. Do this with every font on the phone and you will have achieved a very realistic Zune feel. Tell me when ur finished, so I can download it.
    Hope this helps
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    well i guess once he changes the background....

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    Hi, is this still happening, I would love a decent zune HD theme, the UI is slick


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    it is IMPOSSIBLE to change the background, good luck with your theme btw

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    if ebl says it cant be done, it cant be done

    but, could you release what you have?
    i like how it looks so far

    if anyone knows how to assign individual category icons in pogoplank, this could go nicely with that as well, though not exactly like the zune, itd be pretty similar

    oh, and if you invert everything you have (color wise), use a white wallpaper and white dock, you can use the 3GS color invert to get black menus with white text, but pictures and the like will be displayed in inverted colors

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    For vertical scrolling you'll need categories SB or Stack, for the music player you can do something like I did:

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    infiniboard has the scrolling

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    is there still any work being done in here, i really want to see a zune HD theme, and can't find one!!!

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