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Thread: Need help with Icons! ( Curved and half bright)

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    Default Need help with Icons! ( Curved and half bright)
    Hi guys, this is my first time posting so if i post on the wrong thread. Pls help me move or shift the thread to the right place.

    I'm using a 2nd Generation iPod Touch
    Well i've been following many guides online to make icons and indeed i managed to make some~ Being a fanboy of a Korean girl group, i made some icons about them.

    But the problem when i make icons is that when it comes out, it's a squarish type of image instead of the usual curved at the corner and the top half being brighter.

    The icons i made were App Store, Contacts, iTunes, Safari, Notes, Mail, Calculator, Stocks , FlightControl plus another application solely for my country.

    I used Winteboard method whereby i make a theme and create Bundles and blah blah. But it came out squarish all except one icon which was the FlightControl app icon.

    Then i used another method whereby i create a folder called Icons in the theme besides Bundles. Then i rename my icons to the respective applications
    I tried that but this time all the icons i modified becomes squarish inclusive of the FlightControl icocn

    This is a picture of the icons being squarish and all.

    This is a picture of the icons where FlightControl is edited and turns out Curved and Half Bright using the first method.

    So does anybody knows why this happen? Pls share your views with me thanks : D

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    I'm not sure if there are any 'presets' in the iPhone or iPod which apply rounded corners and shine to an icon.

    I create my own in Paintshop Pro and used this tutorial as a basis, even though it is for Photoshop the technique is similar.

    Round Web 2.0 Button with a Metal Ring | - Quality Gimp tutorials

    Essentially you would need to create a selection using Rectangle with rounded corners to get the initial shape and Paste Into Selection.

    The for the shine, i add another layer, using an Ellipse shape for selection i select the area for shine. Then with a white to grey gradient (radial) I fill with an opacity setting of around 20% - 30%.

    You could also use a grey to black gradient on the bottom half of the image to give an even more rounded look to the icon.

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