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Thread: Theming music player

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    Default Theming music player
    I posted this somewhere else (I've forgotten where)
    , but I think that this is more appropriate here. If a mod finds the other one, feel free to delete it. Sorry!

    I'm making a theme, and I want the music player to look something like

    Now, first off I'm not even sure if it's possible to do what is in the screenshot. So if it isn't, please tell me.

    I need to know the locations of some of the stuff ( )

    The top bar I know sort of where to find, so I don't have much trouble with that. I'm probably going to edit the overlaying gradients to make that image. What I do need to know is, if I do that to the overlay gradients, will the bottom bar be effected as well? If not, where can I find the images for the bottom bar? If so, is there any way to get around this?

    Second, I need to know if it's possible to change the background of the music player. So, instead of the list being white, having that image. Is there a image in other.artwork that dictates this, or is it program specific? If it's program specific, can I edit it with winterboard? If I can't, is there any way to edit it at all?

    I'd really appreciate some help on this. Thanks =]

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    I'm not 100% but the images you need should be in:

    im not sure the background for the songlist will be in there, the bottom bar image is, but if its not there might be a folder in:

    i hope that helps

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    download this theme here:

    I used that theme myself as a guide to crešte my own

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    Or there is a music theme in Cydia you can use to guide u Try "color music" as a search

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    Thanks for the help guys!

    I've had a look, and there's no specific image to replace in any of the directories suggested. I guess it's just not possible then. Oh well, thanks anyway

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