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Thread: Need to change font after highlighted

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    Default Need to change font after highlighted

    I'm new to the forums and love what people do here also it encouraged me to start making/editing themes for myself. So far I got everything the way I wanted it but I ran into a problem with this theme which is that the font doesn't stay the same when it becomes highlighted.

    (Problem. For example the original button is all letters capitalized then when highlighted it becomes lowercased.

    ("MAIL (Not Highlighted) - Mail (Highlighted")

    How would I fix this?)

    This is my problem, i'm becoming frustrated where and how to edit this. The button is a shortcut button that jumps to a page, I think it's a SpringJumps button.

    Only program I use to edit the themes is Photoshop, I don't know any other programs that will help me edit a theme fully or make one.

    So any suggestions on that would be great, it would help me on my way to happiness with the theme i'm editing. (Question. Also how do you add more icons to already made theme?)



    P.S. If you don't know what i'm talking about then i'd gladly post pics if requested.

    Anyone know? i can't figure it out at all, I need help on this one big time. All the "" folders I have contain the original image of menu's that are all uppercase but when clicked on or tapped on it gives this glow effect and becomes lowercase which is not what I want it to do.

    What i'm aiming for is the original image to jump over when clicked/tapped on with a glow effect and stay all uppercase.

    Much appreciated.
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