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Thread: Is there a complete walkthrough for newbies who have jailbroken the Iphone 3G?

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    Default Is there a complete walkthrough for newbies who have jailbroken the Iphone 3G?
    From reading online, I cant seem to find much. Most of the walkthroughs deal with if you already have knowledge of programing or jail breaking.

    I am totally new to this. I jail broke and downloaded some apps just by googling info. It would be helpful if I could find a nice tutorial that explains step by step things, like how to use Cydia, in basic newbie terms, all you can do with your Iphone now that it is jail broken, how to get software on, how to customize your Iphone, ect.

    I can find most of it, Im sure, by Googleing but if it was all in one place, written by the same person it would be more helpfull. Harder to understand if its all scattered about.

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    How to Use Cydia: A Walkthrough : App Advice

    thats kind of an intro. I'd say you are best off just searching around cydia and reading the "more info tab" they will usually have a good description of what the download does. also searching on youtube is helpful as people will have tutorials showing you exactly what they are doing so you just follow along. There is so much you can do with cydia its hard to make a one tutorial covers everything.

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    Cydia is simple to use, and most of the apps there provide enough information to determine what they are used for.

    Open Cydia, wait for it to reload, then go to the 'sections' tab on the bottom. then just browse through and get what is relevant to you.


    you can use the search function and look for things there.

    Basically, what you download depends on what you want to do to the phone.

    a few things I would recommend from Cydia are:

    - this allows you to access your settings easily from anywhere with just a swipe on the statusbar.

    - this is the ONE app I wouldnt want to live without. it allows quick send and quick reply text messages from within any app (no need to close the app you are in and open Messages to reply) there is a 30 day free trial, then its $5.99 to get a lifetime registration. Very Worth it (there are a couple apps with similar finctions, but I prefer Bite)

    - This is the app that allows you to theme or skin the iPhone, once you download this, you can download any of the themes in Cydia and change the way your phone looks.

    if you use Facebook and Twitter a lot, I would recommend QTweeter, its a very easy way to Tweet or update your facebook status from within any app.

    Cycorder- Free app for Video recording

    Few other useful apps:
    Backgrounder - Run apps in the background
    YourTube - Download YouTube videos
    OpenSSH - allows Root access to the phone via the computer
    3G Unrestrictor - Allows you to 'trick' apps into thinking your phone is connected via WiFi (useful for Skype and YouTube)

    There are plenty others on Cydia, but thats a decent list of things that make my iPhone more useful.

    The best thing you can do is read, there are discussions about almost every app on Cydia here on MMi, take the time to get familiar with the apps.

    Dont be afraid to ask questions, but do try the search function first.

    Also, when you open Cydia, install any updates it tells you to. Some of them can be important.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish

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    Default Technically challenged...
    Sounds like I am on the same page here. I jailbroke my phone, learned my way around cydia, have done days of reading everything I can find online, and am still having some difficulties. I decided I wanted to apply the iNav White Apple theme and spent lots of time setting up my springboards, figured out how to SSH (or so I thought), but once I move files into the appropriate folder private/var/stash/applications, the files all show up in winterboard, but when I select them there are no changes on my phone. Sorry for the run-on... I'm not sure that I am choosing the correct files or if I am completing the ssh process correctly.

    I have watched the ssh utube videos and they all stop at the point where you actually get the screen up to copy files. Is there anyone who can help me out? In simple terms.

    Thank you thank you thank you!

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