I thought up a pretty neat idea today for a Winterboard theme. I'm not really even sure I would call it a theme, but sort of an addition to a theme. Essentially I would take the stock icons, or the icons of a good theme, and add a colored sort of glowing border to them based on whether an internet connection is required to run the application. This would be helpful for quickly distinguishing them in situations when you have no internet access. It would be something like as follows:

Red = No online features at all, fully functional offline. E.G. iPod (Music + Video for touch users), notes.
Pink = Optional online features (compare highscores online, ect), but it's essentially an offline app. E.G. Tap Tap Revenge
Blue = Significant features unavailable offline, but it still has some offline capabilities. E.G. Maps, Cydia
Green = Only works with an internet connection, no offline features at all. E.G. YouTube, Facebook.

Maybe it's a dumb idea, but I thought it was pretty neat at the time. Anyone else think so? This idea could probably also be expanded to tell you various other pieces of information about the app before you open it. Some sort of meter to tell you how RAM-hungry the app is? A sort of badge to let you know it is was installed from Cydia and not the App Store? If it supports portrait, landscape, or both? Just some ideas...

P.S. My inspiration for this was seeing the randomly-colored borders in the Cake theme and wondering why they might be there or what they might indicate. I couldn't find any reason for them, though, I'm pretty sure they're just random.

Also, I apologize if this is in the wrong board. Feel free to move it if necessary.