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Thread: Vodafone Custom Carrier Logo

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    Default Vodafone Custom Carrier Logo
    I have trawled through this forum looking for help with creating my own vodafone logo but nothing really gave the answer but I did find little bits which helped.

    After quite some time experimenting with various things I think I now have a solution - it worked for me anyway...

    My little guide: -

    Installing the carrier bundle

    Connect to your iPhone with SFTP: Cyberduck (free) on a Mac or WinSCP (free) on Windows.
    Goto to directory: /Systems/Library/Carrier Bundles/
    (I'll try and get my bundle uploaded)

    Copy the carrier bundle Vodafone_UK_custom.bundle from your PC/Mac into the directory on the iPhone.

    If you wish to make your own then you should look here: Carrier Bundle Generator iPhone FW 2.2.1 & PwnageTool 2.2.5 / Quickpwn 2.2.5
    Or Carrier Bundle Generator iPhone FW 2.2.1 (ipcc) but I haven't tried this.

    All thanks to Volkspost!

    A) If you are on an Apple supported carrier with a regular (non-iPhone) contract, you will need to locate the symlink for your carrier (looks like a folder) e.g. o2 UK symlink might be "23410", this should be renamed to "old_23410" (without quotes).

    Disconnect and quit the SFTP application.

    B) If you are using an unsupported carrier such as Vodafone UK, like me then you should first check here: [ame=]Mobile Network Code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame] for your supported SIM MCC/MNC number e.g. UK Vodafone MMC = 234, MNC = 15 so it reads 23415.
    There is no need to disconnect at this point.

    Creating the symlink

    A) Open Terminal (Mac) or Putty (Windows) and connect to iPhone with SSH
    type: ssh -l root replacing with your iPhones IP number, then type: cd /System/Library/Carrier\ Bundles and hit return.

    After switching to the right directory create the symlink(s).
    Type: ln -s Vodafone_UK_custom.bundle 23415 and hit return.
    Quit the SSH session.

    B) For an alternative method just use iFile (or Mobile Finder when it works on 3.0) to create the symlink;
    if not already there navigate to the [ /System/Library/Carrier Bundles ] folder and create a new file with the name of your MMC/MNC number (i.e. 23415), set attribute type as "symlink" and the link target should be [ /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/Vodafone_UK_custom.bundle ].

    Disconnect and quit the SFTP application/SSH session.

    3. Shut down the iPhone and then restart it.

    Enjoy your iphone, now with a custom carrier bundle.

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    Holy Indians? There's one that works in Winterboard just enable it. It's in the MacThemes repo I think or modmyi..

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