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Thread: Compiling custom themes to SSH

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    Default Compiling custom themes to SSH
    Hello all. I've tried searching for this, as Im sure it has come up, but I guess Im not searching the correct terms...

    I am trying to SSH a theme into my brother in laws 3G iPhone. I used to have an iPhone myself, and have SSHed a few times, so I know the basics of the method. He (like many others apparently) was wanting the Picnic theme on his phone. Instead of using the basic 30 or so icons that come with the theme, we downloaded a few thousand online and created a few ourselves to add to the theme. I have gone and used the guide on the app names and renamed all icons to their appropriate name, and have placed them into a folder w/in the theme called "Icons". After doing this and SSHing the theme into the phone, all the icons except for the ones that came with the theme are not being applied. Examples are Winterboard, Myspace, TWC and many others.

    I don't know what I am doing wrong, or if it something stupid I am missing. If anyone has any advice, or a thread you could point me to, we'd be greatly appreciative.

    Thanks in advance

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    It sounds like you haven't named the PNGs correctly for the specific apps. Sometimes getting the names right is tough. You can always try duplicating the IPA file, changing the file extension form IPA to ZIP, then up-zip. This will the allow access to the Info.plist, and the Payload folder, in which, the actual application is located. I've found that sometimes it's trial and error to get the names right. Are you using WinterBoard to apply your theme?
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