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Thread: Alternative to FontSwap in 3.0; The Solution!!!

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    Default Alternative to FontSwap in 3.0; The Solution!!!
    First of all, you will need iPhone ready fonts.

    1 - Download FontSwap with the Starter Font Pack in Cydia
    3 - Decide the fonts you wish to use. Personally, I chose to change my system font and lockclock font
    4 - Remember the names of your chosen fonts
    5 - SSH into your phone
    6 - Navigate to /private/var/mobile/Library/FontSwap/Packages
    Here you will find folders Dialer Fonts, LockClock Fonts, Notes Fonts, System Fonts.
    7 - Inside the folder of the font you would like to use to replace, copy the font file to your computer.
    8 - Navigate to /System/Library/Fonts/Cache
    9 - Backup the original font you are replacing by either copying it to your computer or renaming it. You will know which font because it is the same name as the font you copied in step 7.
    10 - Drop the font from step 7 into this directory.
    11 - Respring and you're done!

    Screenshots attached

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    Where can I get the backgrounds

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    Default Swap fonts manually
    I too used this method to swap system fonts, did you notice the characters being spaced too far apart and also some alignment issues?

    I used Calibri on my 2.X Iphone 3G and it looked fine, swapping it manually on 3.0 however gives large gaps between letters and titles are not properly aligned or spaced.

    Do you have this issue?

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    I only experience this issue in the new Messages app.

    Those backgrounds are originally part of the "Beautiful" collection in Cydia.
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    works! thank you!

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    How did you get your Wallpaper to work in your theme? In every theme Ive tried the Wallpaper doesnt take?

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    Default 2 questions...
    Thanks for the info! I have some questions, though, as I had a problem with this method.

    1) What is wrong with FontSwap that requires the use of this method? I myself couldn't get FontSwap to work either way... is it because of 3.0 incompatibility?

    2) After using this method, I re-springed (sprung?) and got a never-ending series of wait-circles. Then I got the messed up wait-circle where it's all dark (doesn't spin). So, I rebooted, then the same thing. Luckily, SSH was still enabled (it booted that far) so I changed the fonts back to the original. While I was doing this, SpringBoard started in Safe Mode anyway, so I would've been good even if SSH hadn't worked at that time. I followed your directions to the T, using WinSCP and the Myriad Pro font. I replaced Helvetica.ttf and HelveticaBold.ttf with the Myriad Pro equivalents. I renamed the originals to 'Helvetica.ttf.default.replaced' and 'HelveticaBold.ttf.default.replaced'. Did I do something wrong? I'm going to try again with a different font, perhaps that will work. I'll post again if it does.


    Ok, I tried it again. This time I used Courier instead of Myriad Pro. I also tried renaming the old fonts something different this time. Same problem- freezing until I change the fonts back.

    I have two other observations that may or may not be important: the replacement fonts do not have all the styles of the replacement (Oblique, etc). Could this have any effect? Secondly, before I read this post, I did try to use FontSwap. After it failed, though, I switched the font back to default.
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    West, the problem you are having is due to the fact you are restoring a backup. Restore and jailbreak but do not retore a backup.

    johnny.deathmatch, I don't know the exact reason FontSwap does not work. The fact is, it is not compatible with 3.0.

    As for your second question, it's that it could be 2 things. The first could be is that you tried to use FontSwap and that has done something to your file system. The second is the font could not be iPhone ready. Not just any font can be used. An iPhone ready font is carefully prepared in a font editor. Also, someone correct me if I'm wrong but I do not believe that you can use different fonts for means they're not intended for (i.e. You can't use a LockClock font for System fonts).

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    i ssh into my iphone but only saw a list of fonts when i went into system/library/fonts/cahe. which font am i supposed to replace?

    btw u should make a youtube video. i think u'd get a lot of hits
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    Thanks for the FontSwap 3.0 info...

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    ilyljdn, follow my instructions exactly as they appear. Step by step and it will work.

    It seems you did not download FontSwap with the Starter Font Pack to begin with.

    You will then find fonts in the location I stated above /private/var/mobile/Library/FontSwap/Packages.
    The fonts will be inside the Packages under a category that you would like to change. So you will see a System Fonts folder.
    Enter this folder and you see many folders with the names of fonts. Inside each one is the font file.

    This is the font file you are to copy in step 7 above.

    Like I said, follow the instructions and you won't have any problems.

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    WORKING. Thanks!

    However, The clock font is 1 pixel taller than normal. Making it looks like the clock text is sticking to the very top of the screen (not very nice). Lockscreen works properly. So far the rests seem to work.
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    Thanks. worked like a charm mate.

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    Glad you all are enjoying this.

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    My problem could be that FontSwap changed some files, although I changed the fonts back to default, and uninstalled it. The problem is not the fonts, though, I've used iPhone compatible fonts only, from the FontSwap pack and the Font Pack for Winterboard, none of which worked.

    I did come up with a work-around, though... I am using Saurik's theme with a lower priority along with another theme, so I have the icons of one and the font from Saurik's default theme.

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    I recently tested running FontSwap and then modifying the font files with this method. Upon a reboot, my phone was bricked and was forced to restore. After the restore. I used the method without running FontSwap first and it worked perfectly. The issue is running FontSwap. It modifies files which ruin the whole method.

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    i was doing fontswap manually and it worked fine, but my homescreen texts didn't change. for example, contacts, calender, etc. what did i do wrong?

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    Were you changing the system font?

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    What are the fonts used in the screenshots? They are beautiful
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    System font is Kasper
    LockClock font is DARt

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