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Thread: Alternative to FontSwap in 3.0; The Solution!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dazzastark View Post
    System font is Kasper
    LockClock font is DARt

    I could not find DARt font in the starter pack, so i downloaded it off Da and simply renamed it to LockClock.ttf

    This did not work at all, i experienced a problem similar to West on the previous page. Luckily i was able to revert back to the original LockClock font through SSH.

    Are you using a specific iPhone-ready version of DARt? If so could you please provide a link to it/email it to me?

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    Yes, I am using an iPhone ready font. PM me your email and I will send it to you.

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    Default Fonts
    Does anybody know of a way to make iPhone-ready fonts?

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    There's a thread somewhere on this forum. Use the search function. I'm typing on my phone so I don't have time to post a link.

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    I have restored the fonts back to default but I am now have issues where the numbers on the badges are not centered also the text on the lock screen slider and various other areas are not centered.

    Any thoughts?
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    I haven't encountered this whatsoever. Can anyone else help out Scott?

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    Default Font Swap
    OK that worked but how can you change the color of the font? My notes font changed but it's the same orangish color as before. TIA

    I just realized that the font color does go black when you open the note or add to the note, but on the main note screen where all of your notes are listed row by row it shows the original font color which is the brownish orange. Maybe I'll just have to live with that???
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    Ok I suggest this thread gets closed down as fontswap is now 3.0 compatible download it now =)

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    Ok so fontswap doesn't work on 3GS 3.0 normally?

    nm thx works like a charm now all we need is LogoMe
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    fontswap needs an update. the fonts on it isnt 3.0 compatible and it doesnt change the keyboard font

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    Default FontSwap
    My FontSwap won't work anymore. It's stuck on one font and I've tried restoring the fonts and uninstalling and reinstalling FontSwap and nothing works! Please help!


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    Quick question; What would I do if I want to replace all the system fonts, lockscreen fonts, etc, with this Team Fortress 2 font I have (as part of my in-progress Team Fortress 2 complete theme I'm making)?

    What fonts would I back up and replace? I don't want to brick my bloody iPod, so any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

    Or, if someone here knows, a list of what fonts are used by the iPod, and where the fonts are used specifically, so I can just replace the fonts for things like the lockscreen, etc, without doing a complete and massive replace of all the fonts.

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