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Thread: Theme installation woes........

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    Default Theme installation woes........
    Oops, I meant to stick this in the proper forum, please move

    I want to install Iphone_remastered.ipb on my phone. I have only had the phone for a few days so I am getting the hang of everything as I go.

    I have BSD, dock, installer, summerboard, customize, and rsbt installed on my phone through trial and error and a few restores

    The idiot proof installs from installer seem to be my friend at this point. I downloaded the theme from the downloads section now I just need some good straight instructions on how to get it on the phone make it work, and please make them idiot proof as possible. I have searched and searched and just want to get it over with at this point.

    I have Ibrick on the PC for communications with the phone since I seem to have better luck working with it than other programs on my MAC.

    Here's my current theme and some of what I have installed. It's not a virgin by any means, I just need a little tech support on how to do this.

    Teach me to fish....

    OK, here's what I did......

    I used ibrickr to upload everything in the theme folder to a folder I made that I called "remastered". This folder was placed in /private/var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/

    I went into the phone and chose it in summerboard, but it simply reverted back to the default theme. I don't seem to have done it correctly. Infact I know I didn't, but I don't know what else to do with the files.

    These are the files I unpacked, there was not a dock or anything like that in there.

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