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Thread: Most Common Theme Components

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    Question Most Common Theme Components
    Hey everyone,

    I'm doing a little research for a windows application I'm making. (iDesigner (It's already uploaded in the downloads section))

    But basically I want to know what the most common theme components are. Such as sliders, dock, icons, etc. Here's what I have in my app already:

    • Wallpaper
    • Lock Background
    • Dock
    • Statusbar
    • Badge
    • SMS Background
    • Main/Power/Call Sliders
    • Slider mask
    • Page Wallpapers
    • UIImages
    • Battery/Headset Battery
    • Icons
    • Strings

    I just want to know what I should add to my application. My application helps create winterboard themes/SSHs them to your phone. I'd like to know the most common components so I can add support for them to my app.

    Thanks for your help

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    idk about most common... but u can find ALL of the components here:

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    There is currently a Theme Creator APP over at

    Unfortunately, it's only for iPod Touches (I think). You should probably see what they did and try and improve on it.

    Good luck.

    The only think I would add to your list is icon placement since it's important for iNAV-concept themes.
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    My team themes EVERY component for a theme. a basic theme consists of what you have already though.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. It seems like it's all over the place... I'll just work on slowly adding more and more until I have it all eventually. Thanks again.

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