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    so i was messin around customizing my iphone g2. its unlocked/jailbroken. i wanted to change my slide to unlock text. so i download the SpringBoard.strings file from THIS SITE edit the text the way im sapose to and ya the part i changed worked but now when i get texts the reply or close buttons are in all caps with underscores. and my calender icon no longer shows the date... very annoying. so i redownload it from this site. put it back and ya nothins changed. so can someone give me the right .strings file or tell me im doin something wrong and how i fix it.

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    Hope you did a back up of what you edited. Sounds like you may have made an error.
    If so, what file did you edit and we could post it up for you. ouch
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    i made no error. i did as it said. i downloaded the SpringBoard.strings file from this site. opened it in wordpad. searched for "slide to unlock" changed to "peace and love" it changed correctly along with taking the date off the calender icon and changing how my texts box pop up. that is it. i since found out i can change strings with the program called customize. so i have no use for doing it the old way. soooo what i need is a clean version of the file SpringBoard.strings PLEASE its so annoying having to click SMS_REPLY

    i thought i did a backup with iphonebrowser but i dont know where it backs up to

    fixed that but now customize wont change the slide to unlock string. so ****. **** it. at least im back to normal.
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