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Thread: Springjump changing & new icon

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    Default Springjump changing & new icon

    im currently working on a sort of inav(how creative) theme.
    for the page switching, i use springjumps, but for example:
    i have page 0, five icons, 1 is real, 4 are springjumps to page 1(let's say: photos),2,3,4.
    if you click on springjump 1, it goes to page 1, and there you have one icon, photos.
    and if you want to go back, you click on springjump 0 and there you are again.

    but the problem is: springjumps has 8 of those pagejumps, and i need 5/6 times a shortcut to page 0,1,2,3,4
    how do i change that in springjumps so it will make more icons for only one page.

    and if that is possible, how do i know the name of that shortcut if i want to change the current icon?



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    Talking Solution
    I saw your message and I just find it out myself but you need some things anf follow these steps (Please ) :
    - Download iPhone Folders Download
    -Open it and go to /var/stash/applications/SpringJumps
    -Then you see "" and more if you use more
    -Copy these folders and paste them in "Folder" in your theme folder
    -Then you only have to download icons and overwrite them but the name of those Icons have to be "Icon"
    -Paste yout theme from your computer to /var/stash/themes with iPhoneFolder and open it with Winterboard and your done

    - Marc B(Heroctic)

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