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Thread: I'll try to make your requests.

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    thx you soo much lemon breath

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    Quote Originally Posted by dayungdon26 View Post
    Can u make me both of these images for an apple logo..plz..thx
    I'm not quite sure what you want made. Do you want a replacement for the icon with the file name "Apple-Logo", or something else? Tell me and I'll make it for you.

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    yes both of those for the apple logo.....hope that clears it up for u

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    hi hi...was wonder if I could get the following image made into a slider icon. I wanted to try myself buy cant find a guide for it.
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    Wondering if you can make the Mitsubishi logo so I can change the bluetooth symbol. Thanks!
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  6. #26 lookin for a *.png.... i dont kno if you kno where it is..but on your LOCK/AWAY screen where your time is lookin for that background .png... so i can remove it..does anyone kno where it is?

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    Sorry for the large pic but its all I can find. I just recieved a custom made carrier logo from dooces and I didnt want to bother him again for the same image but I would love to have this as a slider.. (with out the text at the bottom just the logo)

    if possible can I keep them all the same color (blue) meaning "slide to unlock" , "slide to answer" , "slide to turn off" instead of the red,green,gray. thanx in advance if u can or cant.

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    hey i was wondering if you could make me a home screen icon set, with south park pics... if you can use different characters... i will defenetly donate if you can do this for me... i added a link for just on pic i liked... thanks a lot...

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    Hello, can I have carrier logo with the text "Jofunni"?
    Standard apple fonts in grey (and blue)

    Thank you :-)

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    Hey I was wondering if you could make a battery charging image like the one showing the saints helmet from customize but only make it a raiders helmet with gray battery charge and also a raider helmet slider?

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    I was wondering if you could make me a South park theme... if you could just make them with all of the different characters and some group shots... i will definetly donate for somthing like that...

    now that i had the time to make the icons i was wondering if you could just make me a wallpaper/dock of this photo... thanks so much...wallpap
    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I was wondering if you could make me a South park theme... if you could just make them with all of the different characters and some group shots... i will definetly donate for somthing like that...
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    pls can someone make me a "shine" or "shiny" carrier logo? would greatly appreciate...

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    If you can add me to your creations and make my day by doing me a carrier logo with, "Anas" then apple logo, just like the "PLAYER" font and colors here

    + (If possible)

    2/ white font/blue lining
    3/ blue font/white lining +
    4/ any of your amazing creations.

    And please make 2 sizes same as "PLAYER" and one size smaller (or 2 sizes smaller I really do not know, but looks neat on the phone).
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    OK good work but can you make a signal bar from the below. image? I was thinking the gold bar represent the signal strength. All bars perfect. no bar no signal

    <a href= target=_blank></a>

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    Hey could you tell me how to make sliders?

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    can you make this in to a slider with a black background? if it is not possible to have a black background, just stick to the white
    thanks alot

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    i need a few custom icons made, and a few other ones just modified if you possibly can!

    i actually dont even have an iphone, but a Samsung I760 with a sweet iphone theme on there ive been working on but need some custom icons to help finish it off.

    1st off i just want these icons, but in 40x40 not 60x60.. ive tried resizing them myself but i just end up getting like a purple outline around them somehow..

    i also want an AIM icon like this (with the same blue background) but with this aim icon guy instead of the shiny other one it uses... but in full 40x40 size, not the black background and "AIM" underneath it.
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    Can you try to make this image a slider?
    i'll also give a donation to you!
    thanks alot
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    Hi everyone, I am going to get back into making icons for everyone, so if you have a request, don't be afraid to ask. I don't know what requests i have missed so I'll try to catch up. Sorry for being gone, school kind of took over.

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