I am a new iphone owner. I'm trying to find a "theme" similar to the one I had with my previous phone. I believe it to be fairly simple and hope that someone can help.

It contained 3 wallpapers/pics that I was able to manually slide from right to left to change/show at any time. It contained a wallpaper folder and a xml file. Here's the language of the xml. I don't know how to write scripting and wonder how I could apply this to the iphone. Thanks very much.

<autoCycle enabled="true" duration="3" />
<background path="Beach.jpg" />
<simpleMode enabled="" />


<image1 path="Aquarium.jpg" />
<image2 path="Dusk.jpg" />
<image3 path="Beach.jpg" />


p.s. I've looked at several of the themes that rotate wallpapers every minute or so. Those are not really what I want.